Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sir Robinsons' Arguments & My Reactions

Sir Robinson poses some extremely great arguments. He first discusses how people do things they are good at but aren't interested in. I agree with him on this because I even find myself doing things I am good at and not necessarily interested in. I and/or someone else may do these things for finances and/or to help others. Sir Robinson stated that "when you find something you're good at and you love, you never really work again." I agree with this because when you're good at something you love, it doesn't feel like work. It's more of a hobby, something you love that you don't mind doing. He states that most people don't have the experience of finding something they enjoy in their lives. I would have to disagree with this because I believe every one finds something they enjoy doing, they just may not take the time out to do it. Sir Robinson also states that, " If you don't know what you can do, you don't know what you can be." I totally agree with this. This is pretty self explanatory. He also talks about mothers having their kids interview so they may attend specific kindergarten schools. He disagrees with this but I agree with the moms. I'm not a mother yet. But when I become a mother I will like my child/children to attend the best schools. If this requires me, as a mom, videoing my child/children and sending in a video as an interview, I will. This will only introduce my child to the advancing world of technology at a very young age. It will also teach my child and show the teachers that they should have high expectations, just as well as I do. I expect my child/children to be the best and to be the best means attending the best schools, then so be it.

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