Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 EDM 310 Podcasts

The first podcast I listen to was Can Wikipedia be useful to students and educators by Nick Nogueira, Tommy Nguyen, and Laren Mott. These students are not in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class but they are taking the same course at the University of South Alabama. The things I disliked about there podcast was that one of the students continue to second guess his knowledge about the topic and that when they were finish another student told the audience that we were done listening to him. I believe if you are you going to be a teacher you should 2nd guess yourself. If you don't know they material and you tell your students you don't they will not feel secure about being in your class. Your students will be like, "He/She doesn't even know what they are talking about."If you know the material, trust that you know it and stick with it. If you don't know it, do more research. I really felt like this group new what they were talking about, they just didn't have the confidence to say so. Lastly, I didn't like how one of the students told the audience that we (the listeners) were done listening to them. We (the listeners) don't know when you are done, you are the speaker, you are in control, therefore; you tell us when you are done.

The 2nd podcast I listened to was Using You Tube as an educational tool by Thelma Jones, Brittany Jinks, and Cynthia Burnette. I felt like they could have sounded more excited about doing the podcast, they also could have benefitted from this by smiling while they were talking. One of the speakers described using you tube as a tutoring device for math problems. When asked about getting the wrong answer from a you tube video, the students stated that her math book would have the correct answer in the back. This is not true. There have been several occasions were I have been in a math class and my and my classmates have directed the teacher to the back of the book which had an incorrect answer. To this I would have to say, "Make sure you are staying the correct information before you say it." If you're not sure about something, don't say it and/or research it. Ask someone before you state the wrong information. Lastly, I believe these students out off track while doing their podcast. They were suppose to be discussing how YouTube could be used as an educational tool but instead started to speak about YouTube as entertainment.

The 3rd podcast I listened to was ACCESS Distance Learning: A Work In Progress by Henryetta Alexander, April Jones, and Ashley Reed. I really like how they stated the history and objectives about ACCESS before they started. The last podcast I listened to was my own. My group did our podcast about ACCESS also. I felt like we could have did better by practicing what we were going to say, and maybe stating the history and objectives like the group stated above did.

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  1. The first podcast was in Mr. Wakeman's class. The second was in Mr. Tashbin's class. I will listen to both.