Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Growth" vs. "Fixed" Mindset

In the video podcast, Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, talked about how some students have a fixed mind set and some do not. To have a fixed mindset is having something just the way you want it before you leave to take a test or head to school, "looking smart". Carol Dweck described how they did an experiment to teach students the growth mindset. They placed the students into two different groups. Each group participated in a 8 session workshop. The two different groups were study skills and growth mindset and just study skills. The group that only did study skills did the worst. The group that had study skills and mindset worked on these such as brain exercises and they learned how to apply it to school work.

When these students returned to their regular classrooms, the teachers could easily determine who had been in the study skills and growth mindset group and who did not. The difference was very obvious. Carol Dweck also said things like you have to have a mind set of growth and to be a good mentor you have to have a growth mindset. This effects me as a teacher by letting me know that it is very important to do brain/mind exercises in the classroom. It teaches me to teach my students to be mentors and good ones. As a teacher I will incorporate mindset exercises into my daily class activities.

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  1. I though that this was a very interesting video. I enjoyed the video. I'm going to also use these type of exercises in my classroom.