Wednesday, April 1, 2009

K-5 Podcasts

I chosed grades k-5 to listen to because I am majoring in Elementary Education and I will like to know how these podcasts can benefit me as a teacher. The first one I listen to was "A Nigh in the Coral Reef". This video podcast talked about the ecosystem of the coral reef. It describe how different types of fish may live in this environment. It inform me about the different fish that may come out during the night and hide during the day, and why.

The 2nd video podcast I watched was "Energy Flow in the Coral Reef Ecosystem". This video was pretty similar to the first. The difference in the two were that this one really describe a food chain of the coral reef. It talked about how the coral gets energy from the sun light, parrot fish eat coral, parrot fish create sand at the bottom of the reef, sea cucumber eats sand, sea slug eats plants and gets energy from sun, long spined sea orchid keeps algae in checked, and herbivores get eaten by carnivores.

The last video podcast i watched was "What is a Planet?". This video talked about how many planets have been discovered, what is a planet, and why some were defined as something else.

All of these videos will be of tremendous help in the classroom. The first two will help define ecosystems and describe food chains. The last one will help describe a planet and the differences between a planet, asteroid, and comet.

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