Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(-) & (+) of Blogs in the Classroom

For this particular post I took the liberty to read Christie Love's EDM 310 blog. She had some very interesting thoughts about some of the topics and/or assignments we were given as a class. A lot of which I did not think of and others, whom blogs I have read, haven't thought of as well. Christie made some great points in her blog posts. On some post assignments, she was very straight to the point and on others she was very detailed and lenghty.

I was not able to make comments to her blog posts because of technical difficulties but I hope she reads my blog so she will know that i believe "She Did A Great Job". My blog posts seem to be more detail and lengthy than most of Christie's but I would have to say that they both are equally the same. She seem to have more pictures then I have on my blog.

It seems like Christie had a wonderful experience by doing the classroom blogs. It shows how in the way her blog's layout is. Her EDM 310 blog's layout is very nice and colorful. It's very bright with pinks and reds. But most of all, you can tell her experiences through her posts. They are very exciting and easy to read. I had a wonderful time with the classroom blog as well, which I try to display so in my blog posts.

The pluses to blogging are you can keep up with other classmates/peers opinions and thoughts about different topics, you can stay up to date on classroom assignments and homework, and you can also leave your peers/classmates/professors comments about the good job they are doing and/or any corrections they may need to make. In my opinion there are many minuses about blogging. As a teacher you may make your classroom's blog private, for the class only, or you may make it public, so others around the world may view it. The only minus I see is that if your blog is public, others may try to contact your students and they may try to get to know them on a personal level.

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