Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning abt Twitter

I made the effort to learn about Twitter by following those that teach you more about Twitter. I have also watched some of the videos suggested by Dr. Strange and others. I have asked others that I know use Twitter how to do certain things on Twitter like how to send people private messages. To learn how to use Twitter I have done the following above along with using it daily, at least twice a day to get familiar with Twitter. I believe you can't learn how to do something with out asking for help and practicing it. I use Twitter at least twice a day to update my status, send private messages, read others that I am following status, and to add followers. I read the tweet of others every time I login to Twitter. I tweet every time I login into Twitter. I direct a public message just about everyday I login into Twitter, if the person is tweeting about something I am interested in. I send private messages on Twitter about the same as I send public messages. I like the private messages best. I my reaction to Twitter is that I dislike it. I don't think Twitter is necessary. It a valuable waste of time. The only reason I spend as much time on Twitter as I do is because I want to get familiar with it for my EDM310 class, otherwise I would not be apart of Twitter. Twitter could and is beneficial to me as a future teacher. At this moment by using Twitter, I am able to tweet and follow other teachers. Some teachers I follow are veterans and some are new Be's, but they all have good advice to give to someone like me. The negative aspect of Twitter to me that it is boring. You can look at pictures, you can get to know a person without asking questions. Twitter is boring and unnecessary. I probably will not use Twitter after I am done with my EDM310 class. Twitter is a waste of my time as a student and as an individual.

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