Thursday, February 5, 2009


Although, I had a lot of problems with learning how to find the podcasts, I still managed to listen to a few. The ones I was able to listen to were SMARTBoard Lessons, KidCast, and MacBreak Weekly. They were all pretty interesting but I have my favorite out of the three and my reasons. I will describe the few I was able to listen to in the following paragraphs.

First, the SMARTBoard Lessons' podcast was interesting. I listened to episode 150: Links You Can Use:K-12 Finally the Future. The speakers talked about helpful links teachers may want to use. They also talked about the top five ways to misuse your smartboard. They identified that they were not going to focus on wrongful things but on helpful tips. Even though, it was directed at the ways you may misuse your smartboard, they had positive things to say and said things positive.

Second, I listen to the KidCast's podcast. I listen to the one titled "The Medium is Not the Message". I have to say this one was my favorite out of the three. The author was Dan Schmit. I loved his message, it was very helpful to me. Being a student that plans to do a podcast in the future, he really gave some good advice. He discussed how students are doing podcasts just to do a podcast and not delivering the message through the podcast correctly. Basically, I feel like he is saying, instead of using the podcast as a way of communication and delivering a message, students are just recording their voices. By listening to his message, I have a different understanding upon the way I am and will view the assignment when we do our podcasts. I will deliver the message and use the podcast as "an extended idea of communication" (Dan Schmit), instead of just recording my voice.

Lastly, I listen to the MacBreak Weekly's podcast titled la la leo. I really did not enjoy this one at all. It sounded more like a radio station, which they are all similar to. Upon listening to these podcasts, I definitely plan to listen to more and I am excited about recording podcasts in class.

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