Thursday, January 29, 2009

International Classroom Blog #2

Ms.Thomas's Class

For my 2nd international classroom blog, I have the honor of describing Ms. Thomas's classroom blog from Meadowbank School Room 23 in Auckland, New Zealand. The students in her class are ages 6-7. On their blog she has assignments the students have worked on such as making a planet explorer. A planet explorer is how the students show that they are able to identify the planets. She also uses this blog as a way for her students to place posts up to tell their parents, family members, and others (like you and i) about their class assignments for that day and/or week. I really like how she uitilized the blog to teach her students how to put posts on an internet's blog site. To check their blog out for yourself just visit

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  1. I feel very honoured to have my class blog used in your assignment - thanks for your email and good luck with your teacher training.