Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. Langhorst 8th Grade Classroom Blog

This is a picture that I found on the classroom's blog spot. The students are watching President Obama's Inauguration.

This is a picture I found on the class's website of the students in class.

Hi, the first K-12 Classroom Blog I found was Mr. Langhorst's 8th Grade American History Class, which is a class that is taught at South Valley Junior High in Liberty, Missouri. The link to the classroom's website is On the website there is a link( which will send you to the classroom's blog. On the classroom's website, Mr. Langhorst has laid out a very resourceful page for students and parents. There are different topics/tabs such as: Course Description, which describes the course; Student Resource Page, where the students may find classmates' email addresses; Parent Resource Page, which has the same tabs as the homepage but in detail for parents; Teacher Resource Page, which teachers may find Mr. Langhorst's lesson plans and the type of materials he used with links to each; Contact Mr. Langhorst, which has his contact information; About Mr. Langhorst, which tells about his life; This Week In Class, this tab tells the student and/or parents what their child may have missed while out of class that particular week(s); Units of Study, describes the units the students will learn in class and activities for each; Student Project Showcase, has links that will direct you to the blog spot for student projects; Weekly Parent Newsletter, shows the newsletter the school sends out to parents each week which you may download; Class Pictures and Video, has class pictures that may have been taken in class or while on field trips and video which have been taped in or outside of class; South Valley Jr High Page, will direct you to the school's website; Mr. Langhorst's Podcast/Blog, will direct you to Mr. Langhorst's blog and podcast; and lastly Cool Links and Sites, which students may check out for extra study methods. On the Blog spot there are mostly podcasts and videos from class. There are also links for students to check out about American History.

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