Monday, January 26, 2009

Mrs. Lowe's Class Blog

For my 2nd K-12 Classroom Blog that is being taking place in the United States, I chose Mrs. Lowe's Class out of Missouri.On the Classroom's website( is a link to the blog(, which is titled The Lowe Down. Mrs. Lowe uses the blog to communicate with her student's parents and other classroom teachers. She has posts about what she will use to teach the students and ways she will help them learn through practice. She has links that parents or teachers may visit to help their children study. The links maybe to handouts, games, etc. She also has links that will take you back to the classroom's blog and to podcasts. Something very interesting about this blog was that Mrs. Lowe's recorded her students doing an activity and you can go on the website and listen to it. It's titled "Sweet Sounds of Learning". I enjoyed checking out Mrs. Lowe's classroom blog.

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