Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peers' Podcasts

First, I will like to say that I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts of my peers. They showed me what to do and what not to do. The first podcast I listened to was titled Lessons from Life: The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch by Kele Volz and Crystal Powell. By listening to their podcast I could tell the young ladies had a lot of valuable information they want to speak about. They did their research, which is good. But there are some things I felt they could have done better on and some things I will try not to do when I do my podcast. One of the students sounded like she was reading the material directly off the page. I feel like she need to practice what she planned to say before they started to record. I could here pages flipping so I will suggest to use flashcards or have everything laid out in order before starting. They could have sound a little more excited and confident. They should make the listener want to listen to the rest of the message. They should have greeted their listeners and introduced themselves. And maybe they should or could have had some water near by just in case their mouths became dry and maybe have more than 2 speakers with so much material.

The second podcast I listen to was titled Possibilities for Using Facebook in an Educational Setting by Allison Midgette and Shaundretta Bethel. I really enjoyed listening to their podcast. It was great! I like how they introduced themselves even though Dr. Strange introduced them as well. I like how they defined facebook before starting the message, they sounded excited and knew what they were going to say. They even related the material to the listener. If you are not a education major, I believe you could still gain valuable information form this podcast. I founded out a lot of information by listening to this podcast.

When I do my podcast with my classmates, I will invite them to listen to both podcasts if they haven't done so already. We can learn something from both podcasts.

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