Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best? Posts of 2007 - July

I readed the best post of 2007, which was published in July. It is titled NECC Reflection #1: Where were the students? In this post Karl talked about a trip to a NECC conference in which he didn't see many students. He notes that he knew students were there and that he just didn't see any. He also states how he would have loved to hear the students opinions on some of the topics. I agree this is good because how could a person know what someone else's wants with out asking the source.

Since he wasn't able to hear the desires of other students, he plans to take a few students along with him and others to the next NECC conference. This will eliminate the issue of not knowing what the students want. The students will also be able to sit in and listen to what the teachers planned to teach them and the different ways. I agree that this is a wonderful idea and I like what Karl is doing.

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