Thursday, February 5, 2009

Podcasts Part 2

In addition to the other podcasts, I went back to listen to some more podcasts. One was Keep It Real. They're topic was "What if you ask the students what they think?" TTT125 - 10.15.08 Teachers Teaching Teachers by Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, and Thomas (Teb) Locke. I did enjoy this podcast because it had students actually speaking about a topic. They were actually discussing podcasts. The other podcast I listen to was 107.9-FM WWPH in Princeton Junction. This is a student ran radio station. The title of the podcast I listen to by 107.9 was "The Great 108 Morning Roundup". Within this podcast, the students reported the news, recent sports events, weather, and also did commercials. And the last one I listened to was Aesop's Fables Podcast by I listened to "The Swan and the Goose" and "The Boy Hunting Locust". This podcast consist of someone reading stories.

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