Friday, March 6, 2009

iTunes University

According to Apple, iTunes University puts the power of the iTunes Store to work for colleges, universities, and other education organizations, so users can easily search, download, and play education content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows ( On this site you can find how to, support topics for administrators and instructors. There is also, discussions, sample codes, and guides. From this site, you are also able to download the iTunes application, free of charge, to your computer. Once you download iTunes to your computer, you go to the iTunes Store and from there you will find iTunes U, iTunes University, in the column titled iTunes Store. When you click on iTunes U, there are plenty of items to choose from that will assist students and teachers.

As a student and teacher I am able to find podcasts, technology tips, and curriculum and instruction resources on iTunes U. Many of these topics and more are created by schools across the World. I am able to get different options and ideas on different topics depend on what schools and regions they are in. New Jersey's East Orange School was one of the school's podcast I took time to listen to. I really like their school's layout. They have podcast projects for science, social studies, art, etc. These could really give teachers ideas about project assignments and also help students to form ideas for their projects. I recommend iTunes U to everyone!

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  1. I think iTunes U is great as well. It is a great source for students and teachers to get information as well as do many other things.